Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Sophia from Noisy zine put me onto this band.  Sky Salt are based in New York and describe their music as "fairytale rock."   Their lead singer, Xenia emigrated from Russia at the age of 17 and now works as a fashion designer/make-up artist specialising in colourful Gothic Lolita type looks. She is backed by guitarist Mark A.D. and androgynous bassist, Lillie Charlotte.

I Believe in Fairytales is their first full-length album released on their own label.  Their music is more like the indie/alternative music of the early 90s rather than the full-blown Goth that their striking image might suggest.  Xenia's sweet voice is highlighted by swathes of guitar rock which are melodic without overwhelming the prettiness of the tunes.  Although there is a certain delicacy and restraint to their music, the fairytale imagery never appears twee and the songs are strong enough to be memorable.  Their basic indie guitar rock is highlighted by folk influences and lifted above other similar bands by their accomplished musicianship and Xenia's charismatic vocals.  They are already gaining rave reviews for their live performances as well and have staged their fashion shows/club nights in New York --- hopefully it won't be long till Sky Salt sprinkle their musical glitter over the UK.


NOTE:  Sky Salt have now split up.

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