Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Razorblade Kisses are rapidly gaining a cult following as the UK's first (if not only) Gothic Lolita band.  (Gothic Lolita is a fashion movement originating in Japan --- you can see examples of it in the Fruits books of Japanese street style).  The band comprise 2 classically trained sisters from Iran on vocals and their husbands on guitar/bass and a drummer with 2 violinists recently added to the mix.

The songs on this EP are all very accomplished mixing classical influences with the lighter end of Goth to produce some very catchy songs.  There is also a more ambient/trip hop influence on the slower songs.  The girls also use their Persian heritage to great effect on songs like The Ballerina which is based on a traditional poem.  The different elements work well together without seeming overdone.  Layla and Azadeh's vocals are particularly appropiate sounding childlike yet melancholy or even bitter and adding just the right amount of edge to the beautiful music.

Although it could be argued this band won't appeal to everyone I think it would be a shame if a band who were so musically (and visually) creative did not reach a wider audience or were dismissed as a novelty. Razorblade Kisses are based in Southampton so tend to play live in either London or Winchester --- look out for them.


NOTE:  This EP is no longer available but the band have released their debut album Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar.

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