Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Trisol also released a double album of EA's violin solos called Laced/Unlaced (it was released in 2 slightly different formats --- one as a standard CD and the other including a small hardcover book that featured some gorgeous photos of Emilie and extracts of violin scores).  The Laced CD features Emilie playing classical compositions by the likes of Bach as well as her original songs that are more traditional in feel.  It's actually a re-release of her debut classical album, On A Day (now out of print) but does include an extra 40 minutes of live performances from her classical period.  The Unlaced CD features more original compositions by EA that showcase more of her Gothic/Industrial influences.  To be honest, although I'm not that much of a fan of instrumentals or classical music I preferred the Laced disc to the Unlaced one.  On Unlaced she goes in for the frantic shredding and intense playing usually associated with guitar players like Yngwie Malmsteen.  It's interesting to hear that technique used on violin music.  It would probably sound really good as a solo as part of a song on an album/as a live performance but when it's sustained across a whole album, it starts to feel a bit repetitive and strained.


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