Thursday, 22 April 2010


I've never been particularly keen on remix albums/E.P.s.   I don't think I've ever heard a remix that has genuinely improved on a song --- yes, some of them are interesting but to me, it just seems like cleverness for its own sake.  Emilie Autumn released this album length EP as a follow-up to Opheliac and I think it proves my argument as well as verging on overkill.  You get the album versions of Liar and Dead is the New Alive off the Opheliac album (both good songs and live favourites) --- you then get 4 remixes of Liar and 2 of Dead is the New Alive done by various stars of the Gothic music scene such as Angelspit and Dope Stars Inc. that involve varying degrees of shouting and clattering about and really only succeed in killing off any residual affection I ever had for these particular tracks.

However if you're an EA fan it's still worth looking out for this CD as it includes 4 new tracks, the best of which is Mad Girl which has more of a classical/folk influence.  Best Safety Lies In Fear starts off promisingly but peters out without making the impact it could have done.  There's also an instrumental track off Laced/Unlaced and a brilliant cover version of Thank God I'm Pretty by Spiritual Front where the sardonic male vocals and world-weary piano accompaniment bring out the sarcastic black humour in the lyrics and really add a new dimension to the song.

I think it would have been better to have had remixes of a wider variety of tracks or release a shorter CD at a lower price.  I think Trisol really missed an opportunity to create an EP that would have acted as a taster for the album drawing in new fans whilst still offering something extra for old fans.  (EA gives such visually stunning theatrical live performances that some live concert clips would have been a definite advantage).


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