Monday, 19 April 2010


Although Pam Hogg is perhaps best known as a fashion designer, she's been involved in music on and off for just as many years.  Amy Raphael's book on female musicians (variously titled Never Mind The Bollocks: Women Rewrite Rock or Grrrls: Viva Rock Divas) featured a great interview with her talking about her band at the time, Doll (this was in the early 90s).  Now she's made a demo CD available to buy via her My Space --- I think this is her 1st CD release but I could be wrong.

There are 5 songs on the CD.  The first couple of songs have a sleazy, garage-rock, swampland blues sound reminiscent of The Cramps or early Nick Cave.   Then songs like Honeyland have a beguiling seductiveness, Pam's vocals dripping a dark sweetness that does bear out the comparisons to Nico.  The way the songs groove and riff with hints of electro influences (like a more Gothic Goldfrapp) and more straightforward dirty rock and roll complementing but never overwhelming Pam's hypnotic vocals means a wider audience would surely be guaranteed if Pam was to get more exposure.  There are a couple of music videos off this CD up on YouTube featuring her performing with the kind of strong confidence and brazen sexuality that led to Skin Two dubbing her "a Warrior Queen --- a cross between a Hell's Angel, Pussy Galore and Joan of Arc."  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next with her music (especially as this was just a basic demo and I'd love to see what someone with such a great sense of style would do for a full album and/or stage show).


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