Wednesday, 14 April 2010


T.H.M.A. consist of Helen Storer (who used to play bass for Fluffy and Jack Off Jill) and Dave Hillis (a record producer best known for his work with grunge bands like Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains).   However, this album is totally unlike their previous work.
It features Helen's hypnotic vocals layered over droning feedback-drenched guitar music that sounds utterly mesmerising and blissful.  It's reminiscent of the psychedelic wall of sound approach of bands like the Jesus and Mary Chain or the Velvet Underground but without their darker harsher edges.  Helen's cryptic lyrics add to the otherworldly feel and create s the perfect ambient comedown music.

My favourite track is Alain where Helen's laidback sensual vocals bleed into a thick and fuzzy guitar track that's as addictive as the cocaine and lemonade mixture she sings of.  It sounds like a heavier version of Mazzy Star and deserves to be a huge hit.

NOTE:  The band signed to Rehash Records who released a remastered version of Shaping the Invisible in October 2004 featuring an extra track (a cover version of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill).

Originally published in December 2004.

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