Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Rasputina also released this EP at the start of 2003.  It features 3 remixes of State Fair and 2 remixes of Sweet Water Kill (2 album tracks from Cabin Fever) plus another straightforward version of AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes.  However, what saves the EP from being redundant is a CD-ROM video of a live performance of My Orphanage which is especially good for those who live outside the USA and haven't had the chance to see Rasputina live.   (It would be great if they would release an official DVD sometime.)    There's also a quite frankly astonishing version of Belle & Sebastian's Fox in the Snow which you'll either love or hate.  Although this is a good EP, I think it's more for devoted Rasputina fans rather than those looking for an introduction to the band.

Originally published in December 2004.

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