Monday, 2 May 2011


Inger played a gig in July 2004 where she performed a mix of Nymphs songs, cover versions and new songs but I've been unable to find out any more details about what songs were performed or find any recordings.  She was supposed to be working on a new album and also an autobiography (in the form of a graphic novel) and possibly a book of poetry but there's no news on these projects being completed.

The Nymphs played several live dates in 2006 but again, I was unable to find if they performed or recorded any new material.  Sadly, their drummer Alex Kirst was killed in a hit and run accident in 2011.

One of Inger's songs appears on the soundtrack to the documentary, The Treasures of Long Gone John (about the art collection of the founder of Sympathy for the Record Industry record label).  She also wrote the soundtrack and some original songs for the movie, The Jesus Factor (see updates/links for Prey For Rock & Roll for further details).

She's quoted in several books on Jeff Buckley and also in the book, Whores (an oral history of Jane's Addiction).

There's also a trailer for a documentary about Inger called Hooked on a Feeling up on YouTube but there's no news if/when it has been completed.

2007 interview with Inger
Inger Lorre on Twitter

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