Monday, 30 August 2010


Jill did some demos and played a couple of gigs in the immediate period after Strawberry Switchblade split up but she's never officially released anything.   She now does painting/sculpting and work on stained glass panels.  I think she's still married to Julian Cope's bassist, Frog and has 1 daughter.

Rose was guest vocalist with bands like Current 93, Coil, Death in June, Psychic TV and more.  In 1993 she collaborated with Boyd Rice under the name Spell, releasing 2 singles and an album.
She also formed a band called Sorrow with her then husband Robert Lee (he left in 2002 and they're now divorced).  They released 2 albums/1 EP and toured Europe/US.  Rose now performs under her own name.
I think she has 2 children.

The band split in 1986.   They released one self titled album (also available on Japanese import with some extra tracks) and there's also a compilation CD available which contains most of their songs.

Strawberry Switchblade fansite

EDITED TO ADD: In an interview with Classic Pop magazine in 2015 Rose said she was hoping to re-release some of her old albums, complete with extra tracks.

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