Monday, 21 June 2010


Issue 2 came out in October 2005 and was an A5 zine of about 32 pages photocopied in B + W.  The cover image was a photo from Prey For Rock & Roll of Gina Gershon and Drea De Matteo.
The print version is now sold out.

From the intro:   "For those of you who haven't seen this zine before, it is designed to celebrate and inform about the work and lives of female musicians, particularly lesser known ones as well as stuff related to that, such as the experience of being a "female" music fan (if such an experience can be said to exist)."

It included interviews with Andrea Kerr of Colt (formerly known as Living With Eating Disorders), Sky Salt, Thee Merry Widows, and Tamsin/Ruth, the DJs from Unskinny Bop.
Plus articles on Stone Fox (by Sophia), Strawberry Switchblade (by myself and Merrick), Down and Out with the Dolls (DVD) and Prey For Rock and Roll (DVD).
Plus reviews of Racine, RTX, Mothburner, Thee Merry Widows, Sky Salt, Rasputina, Emilie Autumn, RazorBladeKisses and Cristina (including lyrics).

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