Friday, 30 April 2010


At some point I will try and write a more in-depth article/history of Rasputina but for now here's a brief update.    The current line-up is Melora Creager, Luis Mojica and Carpella Parvo.

Rasputina have released several more albums - Sister Kinderhook, Unknown (a concept album that is only available direct from their website), and the compilation album, Great American Gingerbread. They also released a compilation of demos from 1991 - 1997 called Magnetic Strip (which is only available as a digital download direct from their website).

Since the last issue of PussyRock zine Melora has released another solo album, Melora A La Basilica and a couple of limited edition CDs --- Ancient Cross-Dressing Songs and The Willow Tree Triptych (which was a limited edition of 100 with individual hand-collaged covers autographed by Melora).  They were sold at their gigs/through the website but are now sold out (although her solo album is still available). Melora also recorded a limited edition CD, Fa La La which is now sold out and contributed songs/put together a compilation album called Dedication Compilation which was released for the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. (Melora had played cello with Nirvana on their final European tour).

Melora has also released a limited edition CD of a live Rasputina concert entitled The Pregnant Concert - Live From Knitting Factory and that is still available via their website as well as other merchandise.  She also worked on the soundtrack to Repo! The Genetic Opera.  

There was also a documentary about the band called Under The Corset that was released in 2010.

Rasputina and Melora Creager official website
Rasputina on Facebook

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